In the standard version, winding is carried out in parallel with the formation of coils. The pitch of the coils is regulated by the variable pitch traverse unit. On request it is also possible to supply the special device for wrapping on flat cardboard. It is sufficient to set the winding speed that the machine will keep constant thanks to an electronic device that ensures correct tape tension.

The machine has two automatic acceleration ramps. The first for the activation of the spool which starts operating when the winding starts (when the tape is in direct contact with the empty spool). The second ramp starts when the machine has to stop during the winding. This allows the next activity to avoid all tensions and not to ruin the last already performed coils. Above all, when the stop point is in contact with the spool flanges. The ramp values are adjustable. The machine is equipped with a braked and timed meter-counter and stops automatically when the pre-set number of meters is reached. Excess tape can be obtained at the end of the spool for the next one. A positive feeder eliminates all the tension of the tape at the origin and allows a perfect measurement and an excellent aesthetic presentation. Simple to use, the machine is equipped with a series of rails of various sizes (special rails can be supplied on request).
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