When making a car, a piece of furniture or another metal structure, the parts that are assembled through a special welding process undergo deformations which, if properly controlled by qualified personnel, allow the construction of products that
meet the Customer’s expectations.


The metal welding process

ARME S.r.l guarantees its customers quality welds on each product thanks to its qualified staff holding welding certificates obtained from an accredited authority.
ARME carries out precision welding on iron, aluminum and stainless steel using welding machines suitable for tig and continuous wire.
Each welding is performed referring to specific technical procedures approved by the company. Upon request, the customer can agree with Arme to adopt specific welding procedures.
Furthermore, ARME, where necessary, can check its products using its qualified technicians who are specialised in controlling the welds with penetrating liquids.
For specific information on the welding certificates obtained, please contact ARME.

Qualified welders

Active throughout the province of Turin. For over half a century, Arme has been a point of reference for all aspect relevant to the welding of steel and other metals. All the processes that Arme srl offers its customers are characterized by optimal end results. For more information – also about steel bending, punching and laser cutting – contact the company directly.

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