Rotlin traverse units transform the rotary motion of a smooth shaft into an alternative linear movement with the possibility of adjusting the pitch. The devices work as screws and nuts through special adjustable bearings which are pressed against the shaft in correspondence with the external machined part. They are available for shafts with 15, 20 and 30mm diameter. Rotlin traverses are applicable to all winding mechanisms – winding, pulping and warping – of any material. There are also numerous other possibilities of use which are the optimal solution to many mechanical transmission problems.


Operational functions of the traverse units

  • The 6 points of contact on the shaft are made by the contact of the outer ring of the bearings mounted inside the box and pressed by bundles of pre-loaded springs against the sliding shaft.
  • A special knob with graduated ring allows the micrometric pitch adjustment.
  • The sliding shaft must be in hardened and ground steel with a minimum surface hardness of 60HRC and a tolerance on the type h6 diameter.
  • The dimensions are very small and guarantee the minimum encumbrance for assembly.
  • The appliance is equipped with a release lever which is used to facilitate assembly and movement on the shaft.
  • The direction switch is immediate making perfectly parallel windings.
  • The unit does not require any maintenance. For optimal performance, the sliding shaft should be cleaned and lubricated periodically.

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